I don't feel like I have enough Conditioner in my hair?

Whether you’re using a solid or liquid conditioner, you only need a small amount to achieve silky, shiny and smooth hair. With bottled conditioner it’s really easy to put way too much conditioner in your hair! If you’re used to bottled conditioner, it’s very likely that you’ll think you haven’t got enough glôs Conditioner Bar on your hair – but trust us, you do! 

As the products is water activated, we advise that you leave the hair wet, and don't get rid of excess water before applying. This also means that you will feel the product more, as you're rinsing afterwards. 
Some of our customers with very long, thick hair have reported that they dissolve a small piece of the conditioner bar in warm water, this helps replicate a liquid conditioner whilst using a plastic free product.

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